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Healthy in sport combat

Four days ago a 28 years old Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev died in a hospital after his TKO loss from Argentinean fighter, Subriel Matías. Yesterday, another boxer; Hugo Santilla died after a devastating beating during a professional fight, Hugo was only 23 years old. Both the deaths during a single week have shocked the world and these two incidents have big pressure upon the sanction bodies along with Boxing and MMA federation.  Along with the human rights organization, the common man is also protesting against the brutality of combat sports.  A lot of people demanding a ban on all sorts of professional Combat Sports.

Other than deaths, professional fighting is also causing serious injuries and diseases which are irrecoverable yet, like Parkinson, Coma, CTE -Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy- and many more. CTE is caused by continues blows on the head and body and it leads towards severe damages which are shown either during the career or after the retirement of a fighter. Muhammad Ali, The Greatest of All Time, suffered from Parkinson and could not recover from it till his death. Famous heavyweight Abdul Salaam and Adonis Stevenson both went into Coma after taking a lot of headshots during a fight, there are a lot more cases like this in combat sports. Ban can be applied upon professional fights or even the amateur fights but training will keep going, training is what everyone is recommended to continue. A well-trained man can perform a good defense during a street fight and he can tackle a bully appropriately.

Muay Thai is what is better than every combat sports for self-defense. A lot of people get its training from Thailand where there are many training camps training thousands of people every year. Thailand is where Muay Thai belongs to and being the native land people love to travel there and get trained from the inventors of Muay Thai. Muay Thai is not only the art of fighting, but it is also an art of self-defense, a way to live a healthy life and stay in the shape; Muay Thai is a lifestyle.  It increases one’s self-confidence and a great feeling of safety from any sort of uncertainty from the bullies, robbers or people like this. If one is not prepared for the self-defense one can get severe damage and problems like CTE or Parkinson or even a loss of life. So self-defense training is necessary for everyone to tackle any sort of situation in life and Muay Thai is above all the combat sports in this regard, the art of eight limbs is continuous attack and continuous defense. One must learn this art of life and then one must inherit it to the children to give them a gift of life. CTE, Coma, Parkinson and more diseases like this are inevitable unless there are the professional fights as the only motive of a fighter in the ring is to give the maximum damage to the opponent to win the bout and money, along with “legacy”.  Lack of defensive skills is the reason behind these damages in professional or street fights so learning Muay Thai is one of the good solutions to avoid maximum damage. g

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